13 New, Game-Changing RV Remodel Ideas You Should Make Happen This Year!

Need a few RV remodel ideas? Cause I’ve got a couple of them listed below.

In fact, I spent hours pouring over ideas on Google, Pinterest, even YouTube. And to be honest it was a lot of fun looking at all the different renovations people made. From paint to the practical, below you’ll find my favorite ideas.

Now before you jump in, know that remodels are very popular amongst RVers, especially if they’re staying in their rig for extended periods. Consider it making their second house feel like home. But know that the majority of these people also ensure that the used motorhome they’re buying has good “bones”. In layman’s terms, no structural damage, no water damage, everything’s functioning. Those are things you don’t want to mess around with.

But enough talk, let’s get down to it below!

Table of Contents

Easy RV Makeovers

Add a Backsplash to The Kitchen or Bathroom

This is a big one that actually looks gourgeous. Backsplashes in general are a neat detail to add to a kitchen or bathroom, and make cleaning grease of the wall a little easier. However, in an RV you do things a little different than at home.

Instead of using ceramic tiles, you’ll want to use vinyl pieces. You do this for two reasons. The first being weight, which you want to keep as low as possible on your rig. The second is that RVs and campers are constantly bouncing around and ceramic pieces will break off and fall.

That being said, vinyl pieces are super easy to install. You can cut them to length, peel off the back, and stick them to the wall.  Plus they’re pretty easy to clean. If you’re installing a backsplash near the stove, make sure you snag heat-resistant vinyl for that piece. They do look really nice, even if they’re not made from actual tile.

A backsplash in the a kitchen. One of my favorite RV remodel ideas.

Add New Light Fixtures

This is another big one that I’ve seen in a lot of RV renovations. Your stock light fixtures are kind of bland. And to be honest, they get the job done, but they don’t add much pizzazz. However, people wire in aftermarket lights that look stunning. And it’s a super simple process.

A few of the more popular changes I’ve seen include; Adding a short, hanging light over the dinette, a string of lights across the couch, and several small lights strung over a desk. One of my favorite modifications is attaching mini-LED strips in places hidden to the eye. This is a great addition to where kids sleep, they love it and they’re dim enough to use as a night light.

Mini LED lights set down on a table

Swap Out Some of The Furniture

A lot of the furniture in RVs is outdated. With newer rigs the problem isn’t as bad, but in older motorhomes switching out sofas and dinettes can change the feel of the space. And don’t worry about needing to buy expensive pieces meant for an RV, a lot of full size furniture will fit.

Some of my favorite swaps include couches, recliners, tables, and desks. There’s even some cool pieces that function as a couch, a desk, and a bed when reclined. And, if you choose the right one, they actually come with a decent bit of storage.

I will say this, make sure that you somehow attach the furniture to the RV. The last thing you want to do is slam on the brakes or get in a wreck and the couch plows into the cab.

A couch that transforms into a bed as well.

Add Some Decorations

My mom is a decorating master. And growing up in her house, I’ve realized how much a few unique pieces can change a room. Your RV is no different, so get creative and add a few personal touches.

Bedding, throw pillows, small signs, pictures, rugs, even soap dispensers. You can make it your own. I’ve even seen full-timers decorate with plants! One of my personal favorites is sticker decals. It works well in the kid’s space, and you don’t have to worry about it falling off while cruising down the road.

If you want a decal for other rooms, I’ve seen shiplap patterns that look nice on smaller walls. It’s a classy detail, especially when you match it with white paint.

One of our RV renovation ideas is replacing furniture just like in the image below.

Get Rid of Those Old Window Valances

For some reason, RV window valances, blinds, and curtains never quite seem up to par. By the way, if you don’t know what a window valance is, neither did I at first. It’s a piece of fabric that hangs across the top of the window to hide the hardware holding up the blinds.

Pulling them down is quick, and only takes a few minutes to replace with a modern set of curtains or blinds!

Modern window curtains hanging from a rod.

Intermediate Level RV Remodel Ideas

Add Some New Paint

If you want to spice up the inside of your rig, consider repainting it. A lot of RVs, especially older ones, tend to have wood cabinets and neutral colored wallpaper. Pretty bland.

Most of the remodels that I look at have painted over the wallpaper and cabinets with white, while also adding in dark blue or black accents. I’ve even seen the exterior doors painted in an accent color. White’s popular because it makes small spaces feel bigger, which is important when you’re living in only a few hundred square feet. Plus those accents help add a modern feel that I like.

Now, I’ve seen people go about painting in two ways. Some shortcut the process using a brand called Beyond Paint with good results. You don’t have to sand or prime any of the surfaces. Just make sure they’ve been cleaned well and you’re good to go.

Other RV remodeling projects I’ve watched have actually primed all the surfaces beforehand. These turned out super nice, but took a lot more time.

I actually haven’t watched anyone sand cabinets or remove wallpaper beforehand and it seems like it isn’t a problem.

Repainting a wall. One of our RV makeover ideas.

Replace The Flooring

Old, nasty carpet and outdated floors are normal in old rigs. One of my favorite RV remodel ideas is switching these out for something that looks a little nicer. Like with a backsplash, you’ll be using laminate or vinyl flooring. There’s plenty of designs to choose from and hardwood imitations seem like the go-to these days. Real hardwood does look nice, but it’s usually  too heavy.

And if you have a slide out, don’t worry. As long as you refloor it and the main frame separately, everything will still function. I have seen people lay down heavy rugs to keep that slide out from scratching the floor when you close it.

Replacing the vinyl floor of an RV.

Replace Worn Out or Outdated Upholstery

Those outdated, nasty cushions in the dinette? Time to replace em’! If the foam inside is still good, you don’t have to buy completely new pieces! You can just replace the fabric.

There’s two ways to do this. The first, is to wrap them with a cover. I don’t think this looks as nice, but it’s easier and a little cheaper. The other way is to actually reupholster the cushions. If you don’t know how to do this, there’s tons of RV specific tutorials on YouTube.

The process isn’t hard once you get the hang of it, plus you can choose the exact fabric you want to use! Great for mixing and matching with throw pillows and the RV’s color scheme.

Replacing upholstery and using a stapler for the back. This is one of my all-time best RV remodel ideas.

Update Your Countertops

A nasty, old, outdated counter space distracts from the paint and backsplash you put in the kitchen. But, no worries, lots of RV renovations include this piece.

There’s actually a lot of paints you can use right over the top of the existing countertop. These come in colors that imitate granite or concrete. Marble contact paper is another popular way to cover your counter. The paper is pretty easy to install, just cut it to length, peel the back off, and stick it where it needs to go.

I’ve also seen people rip out their old one and replace it. Since weight is an important factor to consider, I recommend butcher block style counters since they’re both light and in style.

Switching out your counter space is also a great time to add to it! Since RVs don’t come with a lot of area to prep meals, I like to add a little more if I can. If you don’t have room to make it any longer, you can buy and install an extendable piece that flips out when you need it!

Measuring an old countertop before replacing it.

More Difficult RV Renovations

Create New Storage Spaces

This is an important one if you’re planning on living in your RV. Even if it’s only for a few months, you’ll need storage! Places for food, blankets, toys, anything and everything.

You’ll need to be creative, but there’s a lot of wasted space beneath counters, sinks, even in cupboards. You can remove pieces of these or modify them to create a little more room. A pro-tip here! Save those extra panels you cut out in case you need to use them on another modification. They’re light and match the texture of your other pieces.

A drawer that's been really well organized.

Give The Bathroom a Little Love

Yellow sinks and nasty toilets have to go if you’re refinishing the rest of your rig. But here’s the good news, there are specific paints that you can use on your sink, tub, and shower that can help hide that yellow aging.

But if you want to replace everything, it’s doable. One of the more popular RV makeover ideas nowadays is to replace that standard sink with a vessel sink. These sit on the counter and come in a variety of styles. Also, don’t worry about buying things like your showerhead and faucets from RV specific sites. They have higher markups, and a product from Home Depot should be just fine.

However, due to weight and size issues, I would suggest buying a shower and toilet specifically meant for motorhomes! Don’t worry, you can still customize these afterwards. I’ve seen people paint murals or designs in the shower that look amazing.

A brand new RV toilet that's been installed.

Add Some Practical Features

This one is more for the functionality of your RV. If you’re going to be going off the grid and boondocking, consider adding solar panels that can give you power without a plug in. If you want more hot water add a tankless water heater. I’ve even seen people weld a square metal tube to the frame near the sewer hookup to store hoses.

Another pragmatic change I see often is adding an area for tools. If you have plenty of exterior storage, I’ve seen people put boxes there that are easy to organize and access in the case of a breakdown.

RV solar panels on the roof of this rig.

Add Some Outlets And Chargers

The world runs off of smartphones nowadays. But they need to be charged. A lot of full-time RVers I’ve met add outlets or USB ports in convenient areas. This makes it a lot easier to charge your phone while sitting in that nice recliner you added or while laying in bed. I’ve also seen cordless chargers added to rigs! You lay your phone on these, and voila, you’re getting a charge!

Another reason people move outlets is to reposition the TV, or add a new one! Let’s face it, your RV’s big screen is sometimes crammed into weird places, so moving it can help keep that kink out of your neck.

An iPhone preparing to be charged.

Concluding Thoughts

Let’s face it, a lot of old RVs need help. But a quick makeover can be a fun project for you and the family. The result? A rig you can be proud to take on the road.If you haven’t yet bought your motorhome but are looking for a used one, check out my guide on the best places to look for used RVs.