Reliable Equator Stackable Washer Dryer Reviews

Looking for Equator stackable washer dryer reviews? You’ve come to the right place my friend.

I got the chance to review Equator’s washer and dryer set and after dozens of hours of research, and hands-on testing when possible, I found this product to be well made and an excellent selection.

I would recommend it for those of you living in an apartment, RV, a boat, even a cabin in the woods. You’ll end up with clean, dry clothes all day long. In fact, I included this set on my list of the best washers and dryers for motorhomes!

That being said, I dive more into what I liked, and what I didn’t, below. Let’s get started!

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The Verdict

Overall, I’m pleased with the capabilities of the Equator stackable washer dryer I reviewed, and I would happily recommend it to family and friends.

If you have some space and you’re looking for an alternative to a washer dryer combo, this isn’t a bad option. Or, if you wanted a set but didn’t have room for a standard sized one, this would also be a good choice. It’s a great product for those that live in tight spaces such as apartments, RVs, and boats, but still want the efficiency of two machines running at once.

While you won’t get the same drying and washing power as with standard sized units, this set exceeded my expectations. Although the loads are small, it washes well and dries thoroughly. You also have a high level of control when it comes to customizing each cycle.

That being said, this machine is a great choice for those of you with little space and big loads of laundry. Let’s dig into the details a little more below:


Most compact washers seem to struggle cleaning your clothes. However, the Equator stackable washer does a great job.

The load size is small at only 13 lbs, which means that you won’t be able to take on large loads at once. I also found that you won’t be able to wash large comforters, they’ll have to be taken to the laundromat.

However, as long as you stay close to that limit, you should end up with clean clothes. I found that most soiled clothes and stains came out fine.

The washer in action during our Equator stackable washer dryer reviews.


While Equator’s stackable dryer might not work quite as well as a standard sized machine, it does outperform the majority of its compact counterparts.

Most people living in tight spaces opt for a washer-dryer combo, which usually leaves clothes coming out slightly damp. However, with a vented standalone option like the Equator, you’re going to get better results and drier clothes.

Some people do say that it takes a long time for a load to dry. But this should be expected and is the norm with machines that run off 120V power and hold small load sizes. As long as you don’t overload the drum, you’ll be fine and should end up with warm, dry clothes.


I’ve found that Equator’s stackable washers and dryers are loaded with features. More than enough to give you the flexibility you want and need.

You have the choice of 12 wash cycles, and well as 2 dry cycles. Which is great, especially if you’re washing different fabrics and load sizes on the daily. You’re also able to manually add time to each cycle in case your laundry needs a little longer.

I also love the fact that Equator’s machines come with a winterization cycle. This is great if you live in an area that freezes over during the winter like I do. All you do is turn the knob over to the winterize option and it gets the job done for you.

An RV in the snow during the middle of winter.
The winterization feature is great for those of you that live in areas with cold winters and freezing temperatures.

While the machine itself is quiet, if you want to run it through the night the delay start and quiet function are nice. The washer or dryer starts up after a delay, and with the right settings they’re near silent, which is nice if you’re a light sleeper like me. Last thing you want is to wake up because it feels like there’s an earthquake going on in your camper.


Equator’s products have always caught my eye when it comes to design, and both the stackable washer and dryer are no different.

The only thing I don’t like about either one is the fact the doors aren’t reversible. This sucks because it would be nice to switch them around if you decide to put them in a corner or cabinet that doesn’t have a lot of room on one side.

But that’s pretty minor compared to everything else. The most important design aspect is that these come as two separate machines. Most people living in small spaces tend to choose all-in-one washer-dryers that do everything in one small unit. While convenient, they take a lot longer to finish each load and sometimes don’t perform quite as well as their standalone counterparts.

However, with separate machines you can more efficiently work your way through piles of laundry and still expect to see good results.

The drums in both are stainless steel, which tend to be very durable and last for a long, long time. In addition, I also like the LED control panel on these things. It’s sleek but also easy to see what’s happening.

the stainless steel drum of the dryer during our Equator stackable washer dryer reviews.

The dryer is designed to stack on top of the washer. The dryer is quite a bit lighter at only 52 lbs, while the washer is 152 lbs, making it a lot easier to hoist up. When you buy this package it does come with a stacking kit that is easy to install. Also, the controls for the dryer are down low, which makes them easy to reach and use.

The dimensions of the product are 23-½” wide, 22” deep, and 59” tall which makes it a good choice for tight spaces that do have some height to them. Each machine also comes with its own cord that hooks into any outlet with 120V power. I wouldn’t recommend plugging both of these into the same outlet if possible because you do risk tripping the breaker. But, if you can get away with it, great!

Plugging an outlet into a wall

*A quick side note here. When I was looking into these machines, Equator wasn’t shipping stacking kits or dryer vent hoses with the product itself. However, I would double check that this is still the case before purchasing anything separately.

Noise Level

The Equator Stackable Washer Dryer I reviewed was quiet.

Most washer-dryer combos that are commonplace in tight spaces are louder than both of these models. This is because in order for them to work, they need to spin at super high speeds causing them to shake. However, where each machine is separate in this set, spin speeds are not as high and you’re saved from the “shake of doom”.

Also, you can put the washing machine into a quiet mode which is nice for those of you that don’t want to be woken up from your nap.


The amount of power and water your washer and dryer use can be an important factor for some people. Fortunately for you, this product doesn’t take a lot of electricity to run.

I looked up the Equator stackable washer dryer set’s energy guide and found it to be on the far low end of the scale. Which is great for those of you that are energy conscious or RVers planning on boondocking with a battery bank.

Meter on a brick wall
Equator’s products are energy efficient and will end up saving you money in the long run.


The warranty on this product is pretty standard for the industry. It’s a one-year parts and labor warranty that covers any problems you have.

While the length isn’t great, Equator’s customer service is. They tend to take care of people, whether it’s the delivery of your product, installations, or problems. Also, I did like the fact that the included manual is easy to read and understand.


While there is a lot to like about this washer and dryer set, it isn’t for everyone. Whether you don’t have the space, don’t love the fact that you can’t reverse the doors, or simply want a better warranty, here’s a few other options.

LG WM3488HW – For those looking for the best warranty on the market.

Conserv 4400N – This model contains many of the same features in an all-in-one package, as well as a longer warranty.

Giantex Twin Tub – For those lacking space. This little guy is portable, and while it doesn’t fully dry your clothes, it does spin most of the moisture out of them.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, you can’t go wrong with Equator’s stackable washer dryers. They’re versatile and able to work quickly through that load of laundry you have piling up at home. And if you’re thinking of buying one, here’s a good place to start.