About Us

Wes & Abby Kolste

Road Trip Daily was born out of a love to travel and a desire to dig up the best and share that with family and friends. When I started this company I wanted to share the road tripping secrets that both my wife and I had discovered when we began to travel to places around our home state of Utah. Moab, Yellowstone, Arizona, The Tetons, we love travelling both close to home and far away.

As our team continues to travel we’re always digging up more stuff than we can share with just our personal circles, and because of that we want to share our suggestions and opinions with the internet. Yes, we do make commissions of our recommendations, which support our mission and accelerate our goal of helping people make the correct decisions, but make it a priority to offer unbiased information with no B.S.

We know that our readers want accurate, honest reviews and information, and because of that we have kept complete editorial independence from any other company. No, we’re not owned or influenced by a certain brands or publishers, everything we put out is based on personal experience, testing, and tons of research.

You don’t want to spend hours of their own time looking at vehicles or equipment that is either too complicated for it’s own good or just lacks the basic level of quality required for the road. Instead, you want to feel the freedom of living on the road, free of most (if not all) responsibilities back home. So, let’s get down to it. Check out some of our most popular content below or use the menu above to find the resources you need.