Data-Driven Equator Washer Dryer Combo Reviews: A Product For Those On The Road (and at home)

If you’re looking at Equator Washer Dryer Combo Reviews, you’re in the right place.

I spent several hours looking at the “Super Combo” model, comparing it to other washer-dryers on the market. Using other user’s opinions, online reviews, and hands on experience when I could, I ranked it according to several factors.

That being said, the Equator Super Combo is an awesome washer-dryer for those living in tight spaces. It cleans well, it dries well, it has a lot of versatility, and while the warranty isn’t the best out there, it does also come with good customer support.

That being said, I dig into these factors a little bit more below! Let’s dive in:

Who It’s For

The Equator Washer Dryer Super Combo isn’t two separate machines. It’s actually a washer and a dryer in one. Which is great, because it will save you a lot of space, and there’s also the convenience factor of not having to move your clothes back and forth. For these reasons all-in-one combos are very popular in Europe and Asia where small apartments and living spaces are the norm.

Now that being said, this product isn’t for everyone. Combo washer dryers aren’t the same as separate machines. They can only hold about half the amount of laundry and don’t dry as well. If that bothers you, you’re best sticking with a separate washer and dryer, or the laundromat.

But, these machines can fit in tight spaces and still perform great. So if you’re low on room, hate the laundromat, and don’t mind air drying some damp jeans every so often, you’ll like the Equator Washer Dryer Super Combo. I think it’s a great fit for RVs, sailboats, and small apartments, and I wouldn’t mind putting one in my rig (or having had one in college).

A travel trailer parked.

The Verdict

Overall, I ranked this product high on my list of the best washer-dryers for RVs. And for good reason. It has a lot of features, it washes well for a machine of this type, and it doesn’t shake nearly as bad as some of the others I looked at.

I think it’s an excellent product. As long as you understand the difference between an all-in-one machine and separate a washer and dryer, you’ll be pleased with your purchase. That being said, here’s what I liked, and what I didn’t:


The Equator Washer Dryer Combo we reviewed does an excellent job at actually washing your laundry.

Most users were very happy with the results. This machine isn’t big enough to take on extra-large items such as comforters or heavy coats. However it does a good job at removing stains and dirt from shirts, jeans, and other clothing items.

That being said, high efficiency (HE) laundry soap tends to work best. It produces less suds and with the limited amount of space and water you’ll be able to pump through, it results in a better clean. It also helps protect your washer dryer so that it ultimately lasts longer.

Washing cycle for the Equator.

Some users that aren’t familiar with compact washer dryer units such as the Equator are frustrated at the small amount of laundry you can do at one time. For most, you can fit in about half of what you could with a larger, front-loading machine, but this is actually typical for any combo that you’d buy for an apartment, RV, or boat. In fact, the load capacity of this model came in first on my list of the best washer-dryers, maxing out at 13 pounds. This means that you’ll be able to burn through piles of clothes faster than you would with another model. It also means that each load of laundry will be done quicker, with the Equator combo taking around three hours to both wash and dry.


This all-in-one washer-dryer does a good job of drying your laundry.

Most compact models including the Equator are ventless. Simply put, they’re self-contained units that pull moisture laden air into a condensation chamber and run condensed water down a drain. Most of the time this works okay on small loads, but air drying is often needed afterwards.

However, this product can also be vented, which is how your dryer at home works. It pumps in hot air and pushes moisture through a vent outside. This mode tends to work a lot better, and unless you clean large loads at once, there’s no real need to air dry after.

Now the great thing about that feature is that you can install the Equator pretty much anywhere, even if you don’t have a vent to hook it up to. It gives you a lot of flexibility. You can dry your clothes using the condensing mode, and if you get sick of air drying your laundry, you can look into hooking up a vent.

Using the drying function during our Equator washer dryer combo reviews

A quick note here: if you do decide to use the ventless mode, you will need to make sure that there’s enough room around the unit for it to pull in the necessary amount of air. This process does heat up the room, but not enough that you should be worried.

One thing that users did mention about this Equator Washer Dryer Combo is that it does wrinkle your clothes, especially if you put in too large of a load. Some ways around this include adding fabric softener to your wash and pulling clothes a few minutes early to let them air dry.


The Equator Washer Dryer Super Combo actually has a pretty extensive list of features.

Its newest model boasts 11 wash/dry cycles, a winterize cycle, a self-cleaning cycle, and a child lock when in use. You also get wash or dry only modes which are nice in case your laundry is still slightly soiled or damp. Some users don’t like the fact that you can’t modify these preset modes, but you still have enough flexibility to get what you need out of the machine.

A few other key features I like about this machine include the load sensor and delayed start. This product actually picks up on the size of the load of laundry you’re doing and adjusts the amount of water and drying temperature to match that. This cuts down on the amount of water it’s using and your next bill. The delayed start is nice, because you can throw a load in on your way out for the day, and set it to start around the time you’ll be home. It minimizes the chance that there will be a problem when you’re not there.

Setting the features on a washer-dryer.

Finally, the winterization and self-cleaning cycles are great. If you live in an RV or on a boat, and in a Northern climate like I do, winterizing your rig is an annual routine. And since this product has a feature designed for that, it only takes you two minutes instead of an hour. Cleaning your washer dryer combo is also a very important maintenance task, and the self cleaning cycle simplifies the process and saves you time.

The only feature I wish this product had was the ability to cancel a load mid-wash. As soon as you select the cycle you want, it’s off to the races and there’s not much you can do to stop it.


When I looked at and ranked over 30 different combos, the most important design aspect of each was its size and the materials it was made out of. For the Equator, it came in right about the middle of the pack.

Size wise, it’s not the smallest combo I looked at, but it also wasn’t the biggest. At 23.5 inches wide, 33.5 inches in height, and 22 inches deep, it should fit in almost any RV, boat, or apartment. However, it is heavy, weighing 190 lbs which means you’ll want another hand moving it around.

One user did say that the dials on the control panel felt “cheesy”. This has since been resolved with a new LED interface. A lot of people also commented on the plastic door handle, which was a little flimsy. But, that being said, the most important piece, the drum, is made out of stainless steel. Which is great because it’s the most durable material it can be made of. And since the Equator has an extremely fast spin cycle, it’s essential.

A stainless steel drum

There are a few other important design aspects to mention. First, this is a front loading model, which is nice because it makes it easier to use in tight spaces. You can shove it in a cupboard or under the sink and still access everything you need to. However, it is short. So if you’re going to be placing it on the floor of your apartment or RV, you may want to purchase a pedestal for it. This raises it enough that you don’t have to kneel down or throw out your back when loading it.

Second, while all the pieces and parts you need come taped inside the drum, there are brackets you need to pull off of the backside of the machine. Otherwise, it’s going to shake like a 9.1 magnitude earthquake.

Noise Level

From everything I read and experienced, the Equator Super Combo is fairly quiet. It wasn’t the quietest model that I reviewed, but it fared better in my research than its stackable counterparts and Splendide models. Users reported that this product did shake when in use. However, it doesn’t shake nearly as bad as similar models such as the Splendide WD2100XC. Also, leveling the machine helps, as well as running it on a delicate cycle.

This machine does actually include a “quiet” mode, which slows the machine down and lessens the amount of noise it’s making. This is an especially nice feature for those of you with sleeping kids in small apartments or vehicles. And it’s also a nice touch if you want to run a load at night while you’re sleeping.


This was an important factor we took into account when ranking machines for RVs. This Equator Washer Dryer Combo actually scored high.

While there isn’t much data on its water usage, it does extremely well in the energy compartment. Compared to similar models its energy usage is low, and I attached a screenshot of its energy guide below.

The energy guide for the Equator Super Combo Washer-Dryer


The warranty on this product isn’t anything special. It matches the standard length of others in the industry at one year, and it covers any parts and labor.

While the warranty itself is average, I have heard a lot of good things about their customer service. For the year that you’re covered, you should be in good hands.


If you want to compare the Equator Super Combo to a few other options, or simply aren’t a fan of the warranty, here’s a few other models I’d suggest looking at.

  • LG WM3488HW – This LG washer dryer has the best warranty in the industry.
  • Conserve 4400N – The Conserve came in at the top of my rankings because of its versatility and warranty. It’s actually almost identical in capabilities to the Super Combo but is covered for longer.
  • Giantex Twin Tub – The Giantex is a portable model that’s great for those with very small living spaces that want a unit that can easily be moved around.

Concluding Thoughts

Wow, we covered a lot in this Equator washer dryer combo review. That being said, it’s a phenomenal product for those in RVs, boats, and apartments. Yes, it doesn’t have the best warranty out there, and it does shake when drying. But it cleans well, and with the ability to switch between vented and ventless modes, you have a lot of versatility.

In the end, I’d recommend this product to my family and friends. If you feel like this is the product for you, click here to get the buying process started!