16 Real, Reliable, Cheap RVs & Motorhomes

Okay, so you’re looking for cheap RVs.

Great! I listed 16 models below worth checking out. I spent hours combing through online listings, visiting dealerships, and seeking out inexpensive motorhomes that I’d trust.

For a lot of pricing I used RV Trader, an online platform much like CarMax or Carvana. It was a great way to get an idea of what different dealerships were charging, although it can vary depending on the location and floor plan.

Plus, I described some of my initial impressions about what I liked, and what I didn’t like, below.

But that’s enough talk, let’s jump in!

Table of Contents

Class A RVs

Thor Vegas

Stock image of a Thor Vegas motorhome included in our list of cheapest RVs

The Thor Vegas is another small Class A rig that’s price really caught my attention. The MSRP on the model we were looking at is $135,600, but it seems like most dealerships are listing it for closer to $99,987.

In the main bedroom you have two twins that can be converted into a king size bed. That’s pretty impressive considering this RV’s size. I like the way the toilet is angled in the bathroom, it gives you plenty of leg room and doesn’t squeeze you in too tight. Plus, this RV comes with electronic controls where you can open your awning, put out electric stabilizers, and control the lights.

Despite the sweet bathroom and cool control panel, this model doesn’t come with a ton of counterspace. Although I have seen some models with extendable countertops, which does help. Plus, I do hear from some people that while the king bed is nice, the way it’s positioned makes it tough to get sheets on.

Coachmen Pursuit

A Coachmen Pursuit Class A RV

The Coachmen Pursuit is a small, inexpensive Class A RV. The MSRP on this rig is $98,878 but I’ve seen sale prices as low as $81,900.

I like the fact that this rig has a ton of storage space, especially in its exterior compartments. The light colored interior on the model we looked at created a spacious feeling. Plus with no slide out, this rig is easier to use and you’ll have less of a chance of driving away with it out.

And while I understand that because this motorhome is small, there are a few things I would like to see. For example, while the rest of the rig is full of storage, the kitchen doesn’t have a lot of room to store utensils and dry foods. Also, the button to put out the awning is in a really awkward spot.

Class B RVs

Coachmen Prism

A Coachmen Prism Super B RV that is pretty smooth on the road

The 2021 Coachmen Prism can be considered a “Super Class B RV”. But that doesn’t mean it has a “super” expensive price tag. With a typical sale price of only $99,999 you’re looking at a pretty inexpensive motorhome compared to its cohorts.

I like that this model had a full bath with tons of space around the toilet (which is honestly unheard of for a typical Class B). Super comfortable recliners in the living space are another big hit for me. And I love the lane assist feature which helps keep you in between the lines.

However, since they pack so much in such a small rig the living area is a little crowded. In addition, this probably isn’t a great family vehicle, since the only other sleeping area is also pretty cramped. Plus, the shower in that full bath is short and not super comfortable if you’re any taller than 6’ like myself.

Winnebago Solis Pocket

A stock photo of a Winnebago Solis Pocket.

The Winnebago Solis Pocket is a small Class B with a small price tag. The MSRP on this RV is $100,667 but the sale price was $73,331 at the dealership we were looking at.

I specifically noticed the dining features of this rig. I like the outside table and the fact that the fridge is close to the sliding door (it’s super easy to access from outside so you don’t have to climb in and out). I also like that you could set up an exterior annex where you could hang a curtain and showerhead to wash off if you were coming home from the beach.

My only beef with this rig is the fact there isn’t a water heater or bathroom. So no hot showers and unless you’re bringing a portable toilet, you’ll be using an outhouse or gas station for potty breaks. But with such a tiny price tag and small frame, what do you expect?

Class C RVs

Coachmen Freelander

A Coachmen Freelander motorhome

The Coachmen Freelander is one of the cheapest Class C RVs on the market. With a MSRP of $93,100 and a sale price of closer to $64,999, you won’t have to break the bank to drive away in a brand new RV this year.

I like the fact that the bed in this motorhome actually folds up so you can stash kayaks or other toys in the space. In fact, there’s d-rings mounted to the floor so you can strap down whatever you’re carrying. The fridge is big compared to the size of this rig, which is never a bad thing if you’re always eating like I am.

But, like some of the cheap Class A RVs I mentioned, there’s very little counter space in the kitchen. Plus the TV placement isn’t great, it’s tough to get out. And I do find it feels a little crowded in the bathroom, especially when using the toilet.

Thor Quantam

A Thor Quantam rig

The Thor Quantam has an MSRP of $88,800. But you’re in luck, because at the dealership I was looking at it actually has a sale price of closer to $59,995.

I like the fact that this rig has a ton of storage for its size. Inside, outside, whatever it is, you’re covered. Plus, they angle the toilet so you have a little more room in there.

However, there is a random step right by the dinette, which can be annoying since it’s easy to miss and stumble over. It’s just in a weird, random spot. And the microwave on the model I looked at is a bit small.


Ram Promaster

A campervan that made our list of cheap RVs. The Ram Promaster

The Ram Promaster isn’t the most popular conversion, but I’ve used one before on my own trips. The MSRP on these guys is $35,730 to buy brand new, but the one I purchased was a used van for around $15,000.

The great thing about buying a van and converting it is that you get to design the interior how you want. Want a lot of storage? Great! Need a big bed for you and your partner. No problem!

The only thing that I don’t like about our van is the entertainment center. The bluetooth is terrible, it answers your calls when you want to do so with your phone, and it’s difficult to connect. But that’s a pretty easy problem to fix if you want to install your own. Plus, I don’t like the fact that on the model we bought, you can only lock the doors with a key. You can’t do it manually and walk away.

Ford Transit

Ford Transit that can be converted in a campervan

The Ford Transit is one of the most popular models to convert into a campervan. It’s a bit cheaper than a Mercedes Sprinter with an MSRP of $36,875.

Once again, you’ll be able to customize these guys however you’d like. My wife and I have an eye on a custom conversion in Arizona. It comes with offroad tires, an overhead rack for your kayaks or bikes, and a large awning that creates a pretty sweet outdoor space.


Travel Trailers

Coleman Lantern

A Coleman Lantern camper that is on our list

The Coleman Lantern is a super cheap travel trailer. In fact, I know someone that purchased an almost brand new one for only $9,995! Crazy right!? Currently the MSRP on new models is $38,000, but 2021 models are selling for as low $15,995.

I like the amount of counter space you have in these trailers, and the full queen size bed isn’t too bad either. There’s plenty of space around the toilet in the bathroom, so you’re not too crowded there. And the model I was viewing actually has a fireplace (although I’m sure this varies)!

But while the toilet has a lot of space around it, the shower does lack. It’s pretty small. The microwave is also pretty tiny, so you won’t be nuking anything too big.

Heartland Mallard

A Heartland Mallard that's a standard travel trailer.

The Heartland Mallard is another inexpensive travel trailer! The MSRP on the Mallard is $47,314, but on RV Trader the sale price on some of the smaller models is as low as $29,999.

I like the amount of storage this trailer has, both inside and out. There’s several large storage compartments accessible from the outside which makes storing outdoor gear easy. The shower/tub combo is nice as well, although it’s probably a tight fit to take a bath. Plus, the rooftop A/C helps keep the unit cool during hot summer days.

I’m not a fan of the bed in this unit. It’s small for a couple, and I would feel squished sleeping in it with my wife. Also, the Mallard lacks counter space in the kitchen, which I’ve found makes food prep really difficult.

Fifth Wheels

Crossroads Volante

A Volante 5th wheel

The Crossroads Volante was another fifth wheel that’s price tag caught my eye. With a sale price of $34,866 you don’t have to spend your life’s savings to travel in luxury.

This trailer has a lot of windows that equate to a lot of natural light, which I like! Plus it has a good amount of exterior storage space, and several wardrobes inside. And, if you want to go full time and live somewhere cold like my home state of Utah, it has an insulated undercarriage that helps retain heat.

I didn’t like the fact that the TV is jammed into the corner and is a little tough to swing out. Plus the shower is a pretty tight fit in an otherwise big trailer. And lastly, the step can bend the door if it’s not flush with the frame, just something you should be aware of.

Palomino Puma

A palomar Puma 5th wheel

The Palomino Puma has an MSRP of $49, 830, but some dealerships will list these guys as low as $32,998.

I love the roominess of fifth wheels. And this one has a lot of counter space, a spacious living area, and a walk around queen. Plus, if you have kids the bunk area has a door so that you can add a little privacy to the rest of the trailer.

The dinette does fit 5 people, but it’s pretty crowded. Plus I didn’t notice a lot of storage space around the exterior. And while the bathroom does have a lot of storage, and a pretty big shower, the toilet could use a little more room. You’ll definitely be a little squished when using the restroom. 

Toy Haulers

Sunset Park Sunray

A super small Sunray toy hauler in orange included on our list

The Sunset Park Sunray is not what you typically think of when you’re looking for toy haulers. But I couldn’t help but include this neat little trailer. You’ll be looking for the 109E model with the cage up front. The sale price for a brand new one is $15,963.

Now yes, this guy is super small. But I like that. With a dry weight of only 1,600 lbs you can pull it behind most small SUVs and Jeeps. It’s okay for mild offroading and boondocking, but it also includes a city water hookup if you want to take it to an RV park. And with an air conditioner you won’t fry in hot weather.

But, this guy has almost no storage, so you’ll be limited there. I don’t like how small the bed is, and I’d feel crowded if I was sleeping there with my wife. If you’re any taller than 6’2” you’ll definitely be too tall and push up against the walls. And the last thing I’m not a fan of is the battery box. Most people buy a new one since the factory box is pretty flimsy and prone to cracking.

Forest River Wildwood

A Forest River Wildwood travel trailer that we included in a list of cheap RVs

The Forest River Wildwood is more what you’d imagine when you think of a toy hauler. It has a pretty good sale price of only $20,940.

It has a good sized fridge for the unit that runs off both electricity and propane if you don’t have hookups. Plus the kitchen itself actually has a pretty good amount of storage. I also like the diamond plating across the front which I’d imagine helps prevent a lot of damage from road debris.

But even though this trailer is bigger than the Sunray, it still doesn’t have a ton of carrying capacity. You could fit a couple of bikes in the back, or even a four-wheeler, but that’s it. I’m not a huge fan of the cushions on the bench in the back either, since they tend to slide and fall off. And if you’re out later in the season this rig doesn’t have insulation in the undercarriage meaning your pipes could freeze up.

Pop-Up Campers

Forest River Flagstaff

A very inexpensive pop up camper.

The Forest River Flagstaff is a cheap pop-up camper that can fit a lot of people. It has a sale price on RV Trader of only $9,800!

I like the fact that this guy can sleep up to 8 people, which makes it a great choice for summer outings with the fam! The roof raises automatically, but in case that doesn’t work there’s also a way to raise it manually. There’s a heated king mattress on one side and a heated queen on the other side, meaning you have plenty of warm sleeping space. Plus, I like how small it is. With a dry weight of only 2,500 lbs, you can haul this guy behind a smaller vehicle.

I do have trouble with the fact that there’s very little storage space on this rig. Since it folds up you can’t store anything inside while you’re driving. Plus the shower and toilet are only separated by a curtain from the rest of the camper, so there’s not much privacy. And finally, there’s no A/C on the model we looked at. Unless you want to install one, it’s going to be hot.

Coachmen Clipper

A Coachmen Clipper

The Coachmen Clipper is a pretty sweet, little hybrid pop-up camper. It comes with a pretty small price tag of only $14,363.

I like the amount of storage on this rig. With exterior compartments and interior cabinets you can fit a pretty good amount of stuff in a small package. Plus, it has an A/C, portable water, and a water heater! And if you’re a music junkie like my cousin, you’ll like the outdoor speakers.

My only beef with this trailer is the lack of cooking and bath areas. No toilet or shower, but that’s to be expected with such a small package. However, I’m a little surprised that the model I was looking at doesn’t even include a cooktop, plus the fridge itself is really small.

Closing Thoughts on Cheap RVs

Hopefully this list helped! If I didn’t include any RVs you’d want, check out RV Trader. It’s super easy to narrow down the model and price you’d like.

And before you go buying an RV, I’d suggest doing a little more research on what costs you’re looking at afterwards. A great place to start would be our article on the cost of buying an RV.